New KMS Virtual Coin-Loupe Feature

We are proud to showcase the new KMS Virtual Coin-Loupe. Coin profiles and product listings will now include this feature allowing for close-up appreciation. Try it out below.

To control the coin-loupe simply mouse-over the image, zoom-in or out using your mouse track-wheel or the slider bar below the image. You can enable/disable the coin-loupe feature by clicking anywhere on the image.


Connect with KMS Coin through Facebook

Login with new Facebook Connect feature.

Here at KMS Coin we recently enabled the new Facebook Connect feature to allow for easier updates and login. If you are new to KMS Coin and have a Facebook account, simply click the Facebook Connect buttons located near the login section.  Once accepted your Facebook account will be successfully linked with KMS Coin which allows for full access to the coin & bullion marketplace, articles and more.

From then on, to login, simply click the Facebook Connect button and you are automatically connected. Existing KMS Coin users can link their accounts to Facebook through the profile settings.

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