Rare USA-Philippines Coins, MS66 Red and Proof 20 Centavos

We’ve got two coins today; the first one is a 1944-S, 1 Centavo, graded MS66 RED by PCGS using their secure service level. This coin was used during a period when the Philippines was a commonwealth, under US control. This commonwealth lasted up until the Philippines became an independent nation under the Treaty of Manila in 1946. Despite a significant mintage of 58 Million coins, as of this recording, there are relatively low populations at this grading level, with approximately 80 coins by PCGS and 40 coins with NGC. It’s a great coin, deep reds; it’ll make an excellent addition to any collection.

Lastly, we have a bit of a rare coin, a 1903 Twenty Centavos Proof, graded PF65 CAMEO by NGC. This is a first year the US mint made coins for the Philippines after the US gained control of the islands under the 1898 Treaty of Paris. With a very low mintage of just 2558, any proofs from this year are rare, though what makes this coin even more unique is the CAMEO effect. Many of the proofs made were merely full mirrored backgrounds and devices. As of this recording, NGC lists only this exact 1 PF65 CAMEO with none higher, PCGS lists two CAMEO coins with the highest being a PR64. This means this coin is quite literally one of a kind at least as of the two major grading companies have on record. It’s made of 90% silver and was partially designed by Charles Barber with definite similarities to his other famous US coin designs.